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  • Screen

    The screen represents half of the phone in terms of manufacturing and represents almost every phone in terms of usage, which gives the real value of the phone. Most of the screens of phones today are of the type Amole and LCD. The second type is used mostly by Apple, which are LCD screens. Until recently Apple went to) OLED screens. The best ones are provided by Samsung from its manufacture and used by Super Amoled and show its quality in its colors and purity, but this does not prevent the new Apple screens in the x phones type OLED is same features and quality to it and is also made by Samsung. After the type of screen, the other most important feature of a mobile device is the size of the screen and is one of the most important things that facilitates the experience of use and makes it more enjoyable. Today most smartphone manufacturers make the screen size not less than 5.5 inches and above. It is recommended that your screen be less than 5.5 inches in size, but if you are a writer or blogger or you manage your online store with your smartphone, your screen should not be less than 5.8 inches in size or above.

  • Battery

    The battery is the second most important smartphone criteria to be considered. Battery capacity is not important, but the battery's ability to operate some important parts of the phone such as the screen, processor and others, for example Super Amoled screens consume more battery charge because of their color density. Phones have 2,750 MAH batteries compared to more than 3,500 MAH in Samsung phones, but the running time of the iPhone is sometimes equal to or greater than Samsung phones. MAH (Measuring unit of electricity capacity)

  • Camera

    Your phone's camera is one of the most important specifications, especially if you use it to shoot products, make video content, or edit photos and Videos. Rear cameras with at least 12 megapixels or more should be considered if they are one of the things the phone user relies on.

  • Security

    Security is one of the most important criteria to consider, especially if you are a content maker, politician, journalist, or frequent credit card users who conduct online financial transactions. In this case, Apple phones will be the best because their system is closed and secure, unlike android phones which can be easily hacked because they are open source systems.

  • Communication

    People communicate with each other fundamentally and better than before, as smartphone technology has emerged, it has paved the way for texting, calling, video chat and applications that allow people to communicate instantly with everyone around the world.

  • Surfing the Internet

    It made it easy for people to browse the web, enabling them to search and access websites anytime, anywhere, and people could easily get the information that they want.

  • Advanced Cameras

    Importantly, it provides people with a separate digital camera to take photos and videos, and the possibility of posting on social media, and the advanced camera considers as the most important feature for consumers in buying a smartphone.

  • Entertainment

    Smartphones are a source of entertainment, from games, music, movies and e-books.

  • Easiness

    One of the main reasons for buying a smartphone is convenience due to built-in internet capabilities, the ability to check your bank balance, pay bills, answer emails while moving and far from the computer, stay in touch with friends and family is easy with the convenience of text messages and the ability to update social networking accounts, and the ability to identify and schedule appointments.

  • Development of Education

    Especially for kids where access to information and useful content, children can get more interactive learning by watching educational videos and playing education apps, and they can also browse the internet easily if they want to search for something on a topic.

  • Applications as Assistive Technology

    Smartphones can do almost everything with the help of apps, there are millions of apps that can be accessed through the Internet, and application functions differ from each other, such as photo or videos editor, ticket reservation, online store, payment system, data analysis, personal assistant, etc.

  • Global Positioning System (GPS)

    This technology allows people to identify specific addresses and regions around the world, and this helps improve communication and moving from one place to another.

  • Privacy

    Where the user can do whatever she/he wants without anyone knowing him, he can take pictures of himself and secure his photo library with a password, he/she can also send messages to his loved ones without fear of anyone who knows, and can also make online transactions through smartphones.