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  • Some modern fans have several operating systems, 'such as sleep programs, natural air ... etc.
  • Some modern fans include a remote control that facilitates the remote operation of turning the fan on and off.
  • Some modern fans contain a safety system that is built into the base or in the fan frame, which works to stop the fan in case of any accidents.

Fan sizes are measured in inches and express the length of the fan's diameter, and it usually starts from 10 inches.

The “watt” can be considered a fairly good indicator to measure the strength of the fan’s performance, as the higher the strength of the fan’s performance, however, because of modern electricity saving techniques, the fan may have low watt power and high performance.

  • Stand fan: These include a floor base, a column connecting the base to the fan head, the fan head and the motor at the top of the fan.
  • Table fan: which include an office table, a short neck ranging from 10-20 cm. usually the base connects to the fan head, the fan head and the motor at last.
  • Box fan: they are usually cube box-shaped fans and they exist in several sizes and may include bases whose neck length reaches 60 cm, and there are types of them that work by adding cold water as well.
  • Wall fan: It is suspended in the ceiling of the room.
  • Stand fan: It is hung on the side walls and has the same specifications as regular fans.